11 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Golf Cart For Halloween!

Get into the Halloween spirit and have some spooky fun by turning your golf cart into a haunted house on wheels! From creepy decals and glowing lights, to an all-out zombie apocalypse theme, your imagination is the limit when it comes to decorating your golf cart for Halloween.
How to decorate a golf cart for halloween

Get into the Halloween spirit and have some fun by decorating your golf cart! Not only do golf carts provide a practical way to get around, they can also be spruced up in all sorts of ways. From going all out with scary decorations to keeping it simple, you’re sure to find inspiration and learn how to decorate your golf cart for Halloween this holiday season.

So How Can You Decorate a Golf Cart for Halloween?

1. Get Creative with Stickers and Decals

Decorating a golf cart with stickers and decals for halloween
Photo: Mullens Golf Carts

If you’re looking to give your golf cart a spooky makeover this Halloween, decals and stickers are the way to go! With an array of designs ranging from jack-o’-lanterns, witches and ghosts – there’s something for everyone. Or if you prefer words over pictures, why not try out “Boo!” or “Happy Halloween” slogans? All it takes is some surface cleaning on your golf cart before applying these decals according to manufacturer instructions – simple as that!

2. Add Streamers and Balloons

Decorate golf cart for halloween with balloons
Photo: Pinterest

Instantly add a splash of color and lighten the mood with balloons and streamers! For Halloween, you can use orange and black ones to give your golf cart an extra spooky vibe. Get creative by wrapping the streamers around the frame or tying them both onto the front as well as back for festive flair. To top it off, attach some balloons to either end like antennae or rearview mirror – just make sure they’re tied securely so nothing gets lost in transit!

3. Illuminate Your Golf Cart with Lights

Lights for a golf cart

LED lights or glow sticks are another easy way to add some Halloween fun to your golf cart. You can use battery-operated string lights to wrap around the frame of the cart, drape them over the roof, or line the sides. Opt for spooky colors like orange, purple, and green. Alternatively, install LED light strips on the underside of the cart for a ghostly glowing effect, or use them to outline shapes or spell out spooky words. Add some character to your cart with light-up Halloween decorations such as jack-o’-lanterns or skeletons. You can also mount flashing strobe lights on the roof or frame of the cart for an extra spooky touch. Just be sure to maintain good visibility and secure all wires and decorations for safety.

4. Go Gothic with a Haunted Mansion Theme

Haunted House Decoration for a golf cart for halloween
Photo: Denise

Take your golf cart to the dark side this Halloween by draping it in black or purple fabric and adding eerie props like fake cobwebs, skeletons, and plastic bats. One of the coolest golf cart decorations for Halloween. You’ll be certain to give a frightful impression with a gothic haunted mansion vibe!

5. Go Green with a Zombie Apocalypse Theme

Halloween Zombie golf cart

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you might want to consider decorating your golf cart with a zombie apocalypse theme for Halloween. You can start by giving the cart a post-apocalyptic look, using brown, gray, and green spray paint. This will create a distressed, ruined appearance. Also, consider adding some props, such as fake blood splatters, shredded fabric, or broken branches, plastic zombie hands, fake brains, or undead mannequins to give the cart an even more desolate feel. To really embrace the Halloween spirit, you can even dress up as a zombie yourself! Simply wear tattered clothing and apply some zombie makeup to your face!

6. Skeleton Golf Cart

Skeleton Golf Cart for Halloween

Another Halloween classic is the skeleton, and you can easily turn your golf cart into one with a few simple materials. Start by painting the cart a pale grey or white color. Then, use black construction paper or vinyl to create the skeleton’s bones and attach them to the cart with hot glue or Velcro. You can also use black electrical tape or paint to add skeleton details to doors and golf cart roof. To take the skeleton theme even further, consider adding a skeleton driver or passenger. This can be achieved by attaching stuffed skeleton toys or cutouts to the inside of the cart.

7. Mummy Golf Cart

Mummy Theme decoration

To decorate a golf cart into a mummy theme for Halloween, start by covering the entire cart in white crepe paper or white wrapping paper to mimic the appearance of a mummy’s wrappings. Next, use black tape or black construction paper to create the mummy’s eyes and mouth on the front of the cart. You can also add some cobwebs made out of cotton balls or white yarn to give the cart an extra spooky touch. If you want to go the extra mile, consider attaching some fake bones or spiders to the cart as well. Just be sure to secure all decorations well so they don’t fly off while the cart is in motion!

8. Frankenstein’s Monster Theme

Frankenstein decoration for golf cart for halloween

Transform your golf cart into a Frankenstein’s Monster with just a few simple steps. Start by repainting the body in bright green to match the monster’s iconic color – spray paint or brushes are both perfect for this task, depending on what you prefer and how beat-up your cart is! Then add some black detailing like bolts on each side of the hood and along its edges. You can craft these details from black tape or simply paint them onto the surface. Additionally, give your creation even more authenticity by adding white stitching around its front and back. To complete your spooky-looking golf cart, consider adding Frankenstein-inspired decorations. A monster face steering wheel cover and a banner sporting the monstrous name will do just that! Making sure to include these details when decorating for Halloween will take it from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all.

9. Vampire Golf Cart

Vampire golf cart halloween decorations

To give the cart a classic vampire look, begin by covering it with black streamers or fabric. To add some flair to this base, incorporate red streamers or fabric on the inside of the cape for an attractive contrast. Utilizing construction paper and vinyl, cut out fangs and widow’s peak shapes to attach using Velcro or hot glue. Finally, dress your creation up with additional eerie details such as plastic spiders or fake blood!

10. Pirate Golf Cart

Halloween golf cart decoration with a pirate theme

Ahoy, matey! Turn your golf cart into a pirate’s ship by mimicking the ship’s wood on the exterior with brown streamers or fabric. Use foam or papier-mâché to create the ship’s features, such as a mast and sails, and add some fake treasure or plastic swords for an extra piratical touch. One of the most important iconic features you should consider is the pirate flag. You can find pirate flags for sale at many online retailers or at stores that sell party supplies.

11. Black Cat Theme

Black cat golf cart

For a cute and playful Halloween look, turn your golf cart into a giant black cat. To properly decorate your golf cart for Halloween with this style, start by coating the entire structure with black spray paint for a sleek finish. Then, craft cat ears from pieces of cut out felt and secure them in place using hot glue or double-sided tape. Enhance the look by adding whiskers made of thin black wires or streamers to each side. Affixing eyes at the front can give your creation more character – opt for green or yellow poster board circles, plastic googly eyes, whichever suits your fancy! With that final touch you’re done – time to show off your unique and eye-catching Cat Cart!

Tips for Safe and Successful Golf Cart Decorating

If you’re looking to spook up your golf cart for Halloween, safety should be top of mind! Here are some helpful tips to ensure a thrilling and successful experience:

  • Don’t obstruct your vision. Make sure that any decorations you use do not block your view while driving. This includes fake cobwebs, streamers, and balloons.
  • Stay away from flammable materials. To keep yourself safe, use decorations that won’t potentially ignite. These could include battery-operated candles or artificial pumpkins.
  • Secure decorations well. Make sure that all decorations are secured firmly to the golf cart to prevent them from falling off while driving.
  • Use non-toxic and hypoallergenic products. If using face paint or makeup, be sure to choose non-toxic and hypoallergenic products to avoid irritation or allergic reactions. Stay safe and healthy!
  • Test a small patch before applying. Before applying face paint or makeup all over your face, it’s a good idea to test a small patch on your skin to make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to the product.
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