How to Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Walls

Make your slanted walls look stylish and functional with these pro tips!
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Trying to figure out how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls? You’re in luck! These unique angles can be tricky, but they also offer the opportunity to infuse your space with character and charm. To help you create an inviting atmosphere in any room featuring sloped surfaces, we’ve compiled several essential tips that’ll make the process easier than ever.

How Can You Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Walls?

Emphasize the Angles

To make the most of your bedroom with its slanted walls, flaunt those angles in your design! You can achieve this by painting one or more of the sloped walls a different hue than what you used on the rest. Or if you’re feeling extra creative, wallpaper could be the way to go here. By doing so, it will draw attention upward and give off an atmosphere full of drama and intrigue!

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Choose the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom with Slanted Walls

When selecting furniture for a bedroom with slanted walls, opt for pieces that are in proportion to the space. Too many bulky or ornate pieces can make the room feel cluttered and unbalanced. Instead, choose furniture with clean lines and a minimal design to help balance out the angles of the slanted walls.

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Incorporate Built-Ins

If you have slanted walls in your bedroom, custom built-in shelving or storage can help make the most of this space. With a little creativity and design expertise, your unique angles can be transformed into practical yet beautiful additions such as bookshelves, nightstands, or even a reading nook! Your room will easily become both stylishly functional and inviting with these smart and clever features.

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Hang Artwork or Decor

Hanging artwork or other decor on the slanted walls can help draw the eye upwards and create a sense of balance in the space. Use picture rails or other hanging systems to easily adjust the placement of the artwork. Choose pieces that complement the overall design of the room and add interest to the space.

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Use Lighting to Your Advantage

When thinking about how to bring your slanted bedroom walls to life, another the ideal place to start is by layering different lighting sources. Track lighting, wall sconces and floor lamps are all great ways to highlight unique aspects of this space while also creating an inviting ambiance. Not only that but adding multiple light fixtures will also enable you craft a comforting atmosphere for when it’s time relax in this area!

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Ultimately, refreshing a bedroom with slanted walls is an exhilarating journey. Utilize the angles to your advantage by selecting proper furniture pieces, installing built-ins for storage and displaying artwork or decor artfully on these walls. Moreover, utilize lighting techniques to further emphasize its unique design features. Subsequently, if you’re looking for additional ideas of how best to improve the look and feel of your living room space – here are 10 Living Room Ideas that will elevate it in no time!

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